Web Applications

Web applications are software that are installed on a server and are available over the internet. Their development therefore requires knowledge of the technology in which they are developed, as well as techniques by which the computational cost during traffic is reduced as much as possible.

Solution & Innovation Engineering, with the emphasis on providing high-quality services, has made the choice of fully developing the code required for these online applications. Through this path, making use of the knowledge gained from academic education and the many years of experience of our colleagues, there are no limits to the requirements of each project.

Solution & Innovation Engineering uses the following technologies:

  • Server development:
    • Java Server Pages (JSP)
    • PHP
    • ASP
  • Databases:
    • MySql
  • Server-client επικοινωνία:
    • Ajax
    • JSon
    • JQuery Ajax
  • Application servers J2EE:
    • Tomcat
    • Glassfish
Problem - Solution

Some of the applications we develop are dynamic website development, database design, data search engines, newsletter, integrated content management systems (CMS), custom applications, blog, forum.

The SEO method (Search engine optimization) applies to all our applications.

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