Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are software programs designed to work on high-end mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The main operating systems for which these applications are developed are iOS and Android OS. The first is Apple, namely Apple iPhones and iPads, while the second one is Google and it concerns a number of devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG and many others.

Android mobile users are continually growing and have already reached 1.4 billions worldwide, accounting for 53.54% of the global market for advanced mobile operating systems. The development of similar applications is also increasing, enabling Android users to choose between 2 million apps on the Google Play Store. And these figures will increase in the coming years.

Having such a big market, Android mobile offers the largest and most engaging channel for businesses that want to advertise their products and services.

Your business will be left out of this rapidly evolving market ?

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