Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a practice that many businesses use to promote their products or services and is based on sending email information to a list of email accounts with the ultimate goal of selling a product or service. As a first step, Email Marketing aims to make the brand of a business readable and established by creating relationships of trust with its already existing and potential customers. Email Marketing is one of the most effective and cost-effective way to promote your business, regardless of the size and type of business.

Solution & Innovation Engineering has developed an easy-to-use and powerful Online Email Marketing platform, Biz-Promotion, enabling you to take control of your campaign at your fingertips. With monthly packages or credits, with available templates, video and FAQs for platform operation, supported by Biz-Promotion technicians (ticket mechanism, online chat, telephone) and all at a cost of 6 €, email marketing now can be a very nice tool for your business!

  • Easily add & manage contacts
  • Create Campaigns & Group Newsletter
  • Original & Professional Newsletters
  • Direct or Scheduled Newsletters
  • Personalization in Newsletters
  • Send Newsletter using filters
  • Anti Spam Report
  • Sender read verification & bounced Management
  • Chart statistics & tables
  • Plug-ins & Integration (Polls, Coupons, Albums, Signatures, Social Networking, Registration Forms, Embedding with Site)
  • File Manager & Image Manager
  • Corporate presentation (5-pages site) in the Biz-Promotion domain
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Visit Biz-Promotion, check out our services, packages & prices and start your campaign for free. Biz-Promotion offers one free package for a month to save 50 contacts and send a total of 200 emails to try it out.

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